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In a Nutshell

What we do:

Our company is an event staging organisation specialising in the technology required for the professional and effective delivery of live presentations. On the corporate front we have long term customers from the medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and beauty product industries, to mention a few. We also have many customers who are PCOs, producers and event managers themselves.

We are particularly adept at supplying and running the technical aspects of conferences, training seminars, product launches, gala events, AGMs and business meetings.

Conferencing Specialists:

Part of our expertise lies in the management and support of presenters and presentations pre, during and post conference. We have developed technology to manage large numbers of presentations, standardise the format and deliver them accurately in concurrent rooms, whilst being controlled by presenters in the rooms through a menu system. At the same time all presentations are monitored with override control from a central point; the Speakers Support Centre.

The rest of the value proposition:

Our model is boutique to enable us to own very high standard professional equipment, employ some of the best technicians and operators in the business, yet keep our pricing very competitive.

We recognise that whilst expert technicians and the latest reliable equipment are vital, value for money is equally important. We are not bound by venue or supplier affiliations that can interfere with our independent advice and competitive pricing. Talking to us about your event budget is a great place to start. We will work with you to ensure you get all the important fundamentals and as many valuable event enhancements as possible.

Whilst creating successful events we are unwaveringly responsible and Safety is of paramount importance to us. This is why Event Technology has a flawless safety record. Through applying in-depth knowledge of equipment and venues, proper planning and thorough risk assessment we are able to supply not only a successful, professional result but a safe one as well; for audiences, presenters, your staff and our staff. We are proud to have staged the 2006 and 2007 Victorian Workcover Awards and seminars.

At Event Technology our success has always depended on delivering successful outcomes and memorable events for our clients, each and every time. Once you experience our collaborative approach, show-craft expertise and passion for getting it right, your event planning will always include Event Technology.

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